Wild Recovery
San Jose, California
April 17, 2004
Tennessee Valley to Muir Beach 
Marin Headlands
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April 17, 2004
Tennessee Valley to Muir Beach
Marin Headlands

The Place

Just north of the Golden Gate Bridge in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA)  sounds like one of our conventions but not.  At the center of the Marin Headlands, Tennessee Valley is the Headlands most popular trailheads. There is a lot of activity here including, horses on most trails, group camping, and yes hikers.

 The Miyok trail named after the natives to this area will be our starting point  for this hike and take us up through a large and very old grove of eucalyptus trees, and climb to  a grassy peak with breathtaking views of the headlands and its surrounding mountains and beaches. As you hike along this awesome trail, breathe  the invigorating fresh air made fragrant by the coastal sage, catch a glimpse of an elusive bobcat, and listen for the lonely sound of a foghorn.  On our descent to our meeting place we will pass by an organic farm and zen community.

Being this close to the Pacific Ocean and not visiting the beach would be regretful to say least, so our hosts have set a course directly to the historical Muir Beach. Known for its spectacular views in all directions, it was use in the Second World War  to monitor the coastline. On a clear day to the south  we can see San Francisco's Ocean Beach, Bolinas and Point Reyes to the north and the Farallone Islands to the west.

Please remember to pick up a trail map at the visitor center.

Getting There

From the South Bay travel north to San Francisco and cross the Golden Gate Bridge.  Follow Hiway 1 north towards Stinson Beach, take a left on Tennessee Valley Road follow all the way to the end and there will be the parking lot. We will gather near the visitor center which is well marked. Travel time from San Jose is about 75 minutes. Do everyone a favor and allow even more time than that to experience the scenery on the way here. Please carpool if possible, and if you show up early help other members find their way.

Walking the Walk
Level 4, 2300 vertical feet, 6 miles, this will be challenging for most but worth the effort. From the parking lot we will hike north on Miyok trail, there will be lots of rolling hills, steep in some areas, so remember try to pace your speed so you don't burn out before the hike is over. At the top of Miyok we will follow Coyote Ridge Trail to Green Gulch down to Muir Beach. From the beach we will take the coastal trail back to the parking lot.


 Know Before You Go

This will be our first hike at this location, and we are very excited about this one. This hike could prove to be challenging for most. Please remember this when considering whether or not to take this hike. The trail is well maintained and at many spots has railroad ties embedded into the earth for sure footed climbing. Parking is free but space is limited so show up early. There are no dogs allowed on this one. Please bring plenty of water, snacks, sunscreen, trekking poles and walkie talkies if you have them.

We will be meeting at the visitor center and the leader will explain the routes at that time, please pay attention and get a trail map to keep on your person. We are scheduled to start the hike at 10:00am sharp so remember to leave your homes with plenty of time to get here.

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