Wild Recovery
San Jose, California
March 26, 2005
  Russian Ridge

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March 26, 2005
  Russian Ridge

The Place
Our Host Jim is sure to have an inviting hike for everyone. We haven't visited Russian ridge for a few years, and its location is very convenient for our San Jose fellowship. Trails are a combination of dirt roads and single track hiking trails, all well maintained and thoughtfully laid out with a quality hiking experience in mind.  The grade is gentle, and the surface is good, though it can be loose underfoot in places.  Resist the temptation to cut switchbacks to save a few feet of walking, it creates an erosion problem and the footing can be quite hazardous.
The Hike
This is a level and is about 5 miles. The vertical climb is about 250 ft. We will take the Bay Area Ridge Trail to Hawk Trail to Older Spring Trail  back to Alpine Rd. Parking Lot Trail. Bring water and snacks, sunscreen if sunny and bug repellent. Dogs are ok on a leash only.


Rattlesnakes, being retiring creatures by nature, and this preserve being popular with humans, you are unlikely to see one, especially if you stay on the trails.  They are more active in the warm season, though, and sometimes they like to sunbathe on the paths.  As long as you don't actually step on one, they would rather get out of your way than bite you.  Please remember that all wildlife, including snakes, are protected by law in this preserve.

Getting There

Take Highway 17 South, exit at Highway 9, and follow it when it makes a hard left in downtown Saratoga.  Continue up the hill, and take a right at the Highway 35 (Skyline Blvd.) intersection, continue on Skyline for about 5 miles and turn left on Alpine Road, and imediately turn right into the parking lot with the Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve sign. Plenty of free parking here. Drive time from San Jose is about 45 minutes.

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