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San Jose, California
September 23, 2006
Fort Baker (San Francisco)
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September 23, 2006
Fort Baker (San Francisco) 
Marin County

The Place

        To many observers, Fort Baker is one of the gems of the national parklands at the Golden Gate. Its rich tapestry of historic structures, scenic views, natural features and recreational opportunities exemplifies the character of the Bay Area so treasured by residents and visitors alike. The 335-acre site is nestled in a tranquil valley at the northern entrance to San Francisco Bay, adjacent to the Golden Gate. 

        An additional 183 acres of federally-owned tidelands, a mile of pristine rocky bay shoreline and the picturesque harbor at Horseshoe Bay further enhance the site. A cluster of historic buildings arranged around a 10-acre parade ground lend it a campus-like appearance. The land at Fort Baker was once used by the Coastal Miwok, the indigenous inhabitants of present day Marin County, who may have sought shelter from the wind here and gathered mussels, tules and cattails at the marsh. The earliest sailing vessel into San Francisco Bay anchored at Fort Baker’s shores in 1775 and later, when the area was part of Rancho Sausalito, it was used for grazing cattle and collecting spring water. 

Getting There

        DIRECTIONS: I-280 North to San Francisco. Exit 19th Avenue/GG Bridge. Follow 19th through GG Park/Presidio until you get to the Golden Gate Bridge. Cross the bridge and exit at Alexander Avenue. Turn left onto Bunker Road, then immediately turn right and go through the tunnel under Alexander Avenue. Do NOT cross under US 101 and enter the Bunker Hill Rd. Tunnel. Follow the “East Fort Baker” signs! Park in the large parking lot next to the Parade Grounds (where the Bay Area Discovery Museum is located). Note: Bridge toll on the return trip is $5.

Drive Time 1 Hour 30 minutes - Parking Free - Dogs not allowed

Walking the Walk

        (Level 3 - Miles: 4.5 - Elevation 900')  We will meet at the Parade Grounds parking lot and begin the hike at the Municipal Wharf next to the GG Bridge. The trailhead begins directly under the Golden Gate Bridge, continues on the west side of the bridge to Conzelman Road, around the Horseshoe Bay Loop Trail counterclockwise, cross under the GG Bridge, take the Coastal Trail on the west side of the bridge up the hill to Conzelman Road, going west (left) on Conzelman Road to Battery Spencer (last restrooms/phones here). After a brief photo-op at Battery Spencer, we’ll continue up Conzelman Road to McCullough Road, go right on McCullough Road, right on the Coastal Trail, up a 3/8-mile steep hill to the Slacker Hill Trail, right on Slacker Hill Trail to the top of Slacker Hill, where we will have our meeting. After the meeting, we’ll go back to the Coastal Trail, turn right, and head back to Conzelman Road, cross Conzelman and continue back under the GG Bridge to the Parade Grounds parking lot.



Know Before You Go

        NOTE: Bridge toll on the return trip is $5. 

Drive Time 1 Hour 30 minutes - Parking Free - Dogs not allowed


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