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Wild Recovery
San Jose, California
March 25, 2006
Little Yosemite 
Alameda County
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March 25, 2006
Little Yosemite (Sunol Regional Wilderness) 

Alameda County

Walking the Walk

We are going to meet in the parking lot below the visitor center. We will proceed to the trailhead, which is the Indian Joe Nature trail, and then on the Canyon View Trail, which is going to take us to Little Yosemite. There, we will picnic and have our meeting. After our meeting and lunch, we are going to go up a trail Cerro Este, loop back down McCorkle trail, and meet up with Canyon View, to go back down the way we came.

We are going up to Little Yosemite from the parking lot, which is an undulating climb from 400 to 600 feet, followed by more climbing up to about 1100 feet, after our meeting, where we are going to get some nice views, then back down again. 5 miles, 700 feet, Level 2.5

Getting There

From San Jose: From San Jose, take 280 south to 680 north. Go past Fremont and exit at Calaveras Road (this is the second Calaveras Road exit). Turn right on Calaveras and proceed to Geary Road, which leads directly into the park. Allow 45 minutes drive time from San Jose.

Know Before You Go

It might be muddy, dress accordingly if it has been raining. Parking is $5, pay at the ranger station. Dogs are OK on leash for $2 extra.

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