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Wild Recovery
San Jose, California
August 25-27, 2006
Mount Lassen Summer Retreat
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August 25-27, 2006
Mount Lassen Summer Retreat 
Northeastern California
A few campsites still available. Contact the Wild Recovery Treasurer to to reserve yours.

The Place

Welcome to our summer retreat 06. Lets all escape the insanity and heat of the valley and head up to the country. A volcano, yes with lakes, shade, cool breezes and streams that converge to waterfalls. With 106,000 acres of forest, lakes, hydrothermal areas, and geological formations we are sure to be in awe. Still active, Lassen last erupted in 1921, and is one of the worlds largest plug domes. Way too much history and beauty to put in a couple paragraphs, please come and experience it with us!

Getting There

From the bay area take 680 north toward Sacramento, merge onto I-80 toward Sacramento. Merge onto I-505 toward Winters, Redding. I-505 becomes I-5 north. Take the CA-36 East/ CA-99 South Antelope Blvd Exit 649 toward Central Red Bluff/ Chico. Turn right onto CA-36/ CA-99 Antelope Blvd. Stay on CA-36/CA-99 for 2 miles then turn left on CA-36 and follow for 43.4 miles. Then turn left on CA-89 Lassen Peak Hwy. Follow this road into the park and proceed to Summit Lake North Campsites B1, B2, B3 & B25..

Travel time from San Jose is five hours. Parking is included in retreat price.

Walking the Walk

1. For those that arrive early Friday we are hiking Bumpass Hell Trail. 3 miles and 300 ft gain, level 1.5. This trail offers bubling mudpots, steaming fumaroles and boiling water. Most of the trail is elevated wood decking with hand rails to keep us off and away from the dangers that lie beyond your reach. Come early on friday to experience the natural wonder.
2. The Asskicker. Saturday we will climb to the top of Lassen on the Peak trail. 5 miles and 2,000 ft. level 5+. It gets a 5+ because of the elevation.Hiking up this trail at a nice slow pace and taking in the beauty is your best bet. Take a break, drink some water, connect with HP or a wild recovery buddy. Remember its not a race. The peak is 10,500 ft. For those not so ambitous we have a second choice.
2.  Summit Lake Trail to Echo Lake.This easy but rewarding hike is 4 miles and gains 500 ft. Level 2.

Friday: Level 1.5 - Miles 3 - Elevation 300’
Saturday Hike #1: Level 5 - Miles 5 - Elevation 2,000’
Saturday Hike #2: Level 2 - Miles 4 - Elevation 500’

  The campsite
Summit lake north @ 6700ft, sites B1,B2,B3 & B25 all hold 6 campers per site and two cars. That's 24 first come first serve members for this unforgetable excursion. The cost is $15.00 a person. Running water at the campsites and flush toilets. Showers are a short drive to another campsite or bring a solar shower or no shower(this is camping).Bear boxes are provided and are MANDATORY, NO FOOD ANYWHERE BUT THE BEAR BOXES. Not even in your car. The campsite is at the lake so we are surrounded by absolute beauty. Its a campsite in the shade of the forest.

Know Before You Go

A short list of things to bring. Hiking boots, warm clothes, cool clothes, sunscreen, bug repellant, enough food & water for 3 days for each person, flashlight & batteries, camping gear, camera, binoculars, first aid kits, solar shower, fire wood, trekking poles, and hats. There is a general store in the park 20 minutes from camp if you forget anything.

This is Wild Recovery's Summer retreat. We will be car camping for three days and two nights in the park. Especially because of the long drive, try to carpool. An addict alone is in bad company.

Advance reservations are required. Tickets are $15 per person. See the Wild Recovery Treasurer on any hike for tickets.

Bring sunblock, plenty of water and snacks. A hat and trekking poles optional but recomended. Please check back here later for more details.

Sorry, no dogs allowedl. See the Trail Maps/Park Info page for maps and more information about the park. For more information about the hike contact your hosts, Tom L. and Richard C.

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