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Wild Recovery
San Jose, California
May 31 - June 3, 2007
Sequoia / Kings Canyon
Spring Retreat
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May 31 - June 3, 2007
Sequoia / Kings Canyon
Spring Retreat

The Place

        These twin parks hold monuments to nature's size, beauty, and diversity: Immense mountains, rugged foothills, deep canyons, vast caverns ... and the world’s largest trees! Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Forests resemble what Yosemite used to be like 40 years ago, before the millions of visitors every year. The parks host much of the same impressive sights that Yosemite has to offer. We will be camped at Grant Grove, where you can walk to see the largest tree in the world.

Getting There

        DIRECTIONS:  From San Jose, take US-101 South. Take 10th St./CA-152 East (Exit 356). Turn left on 10th St. and stay on CA-152 East. Take CA-99 South. Take the CA-180 exit (Exit 133) towards Kings Canyon/Mendota/Airport. Merge onto CA-180 East (Exit 133B) on the left towards Kings Canyon. Take the Clovis Ave exit (Exit 63), turn right on North Clovis Ave/CA180 East. Turn Left onto CA-180 East/East Kings Canyon Rd., continue to follow CA-180 East. Turn left on North Grove Trl. We will meet at the Grant Grove campsite.

Drive time is 4 Hours – Entrance Fee $20/vehicle – Camping $10/person - Dogs not allowed

Walking the Walk

Thursday, May 31st

Arrive at campsite as early as possible to acclimate. Hike will leave from sunset group campsites A&B at 2pm for the redwood trail. Redwood trail is 4.8 miles from the campsite by car. We will determine the length of the hike by the consensus of the people attending. Meeting starts at 7:30pm.

Friday, June 1st

Hike to grant grove from campsite and back to campsite (2.5 miles). Hike begins at 10am. We should be back in time for lunch. Second hike of the day for the late comers will start at 1pm leaving from campsite to buena vista trailhead about 6.0 miles from campsite on the generals highway. Plenty of parking at the kings canyon lookout parking lot which is just a couple hundred feet north of the trailhead. The trailhead is on the west side of the highway. The overlook parking lot is on the east (2 miles). Those of you who might want a longer hike is big baldy (7.8 miles from the campsite). The hike is 5 miles round trip, meeting time starts at 7:30pm.

Saturday, June 2nd

Hike begins from campsite at 8:30am. We will be driving 36 miles to roads end in kings canyon. The hike is just under 8 miles round trip to mist falls. This will give people a chance to get back early enough for a shower if they need one. Showers are open from 11am to 4pm. The cost is $4 and does not include soap, shampoo, or towel. Please do not try and find us anywhere on the trail. Most trail heads are not secured with bear boxes, but the campsite is. Give yourself plenty of time to get there. It takes 3.5 hours of drive time to get to the campsite from san jose. Plan on leaving from san jose with at least 4.5 hours to be ready to leave on the hike. Hikes will all leave precisely on the designated time. We will not wait for those who did not leave enough time to make it. Meeting at 7:30pm.

Sunday, June 3rd

I've tried to figure out hikes and meetings but everyone has their own ideas. We will discuss what we want to do today at last nights meeting.


Know Before You Go

        RECOMMENDED:  Because these parks vary from low to very high elevations, you can find a variety of climates here — all on the same day! Be prepared with layers of clothing.

        IMPORTANT:  There are no gas stations in the parks. Fill up about 10 miles east of Fresno before coming to campsite or you may not have enough gas to make the hike on saturday. Each vehicle entering the park will be charged $20. Car pool if possible. It is a beautiful site. I can't wait to see you!

Note: To reserve a spot for camping, please contact Tom D. His number is (408) 891-2451.

Drive time is 4 Hours – Entrance Fee $20/vehicle – Camping $10/person - Dogs not allowed

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