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Wild Recovery
San Jose, California
August 13-15 , 2010
Summer Retreat Mt. Lassen National Park  
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August 13th-15th, 2010
Summer Retreat Mt. Lassen National Park  

Lake Reflection

The Place

Mt. Lassen is an active, though currently dormant, 10,000 ft. volcano. The most southerly peak in the Cascade range, this area offers beautiful forested alpine lakes, unique geological features and sweeping views of northern California from Lassen痴 lofty peak. We will be joined by our friends from Outback NA on this retreat. On Friday, Outback NA will host a hike at Bumpass Hell, an area of mud pots, boiling pools and steaming vents. In the evening, we値l have a resentment burn meeting around the campfire. On Saturday we値l be hiking to the summit of Lassen Peak, a challenging but very rewarding hike offering views of northern California from the Tahoe Rim to Mt. Shasta. We値l have our traditional potluck dinner followed by a campfire meeting Saturday night. We値l be camping in the Lost Creek group campground sites 1,2, and 3. Check in time is 1 pm. We値l leave the campground at 2 pm to drive to Friday痴 hike. We値l leave the camp at 8 am to begin our hike at 9 am on Sat.
Volcanic Activity

Getting There

Directions: From the bay area take 680 north toward Sacramento, merge onto I-80 toward Sacramento. Merge onto I-505 toward Winters, Redding. I-505 becomes I-5 north. Take the CA-36 East/ CA-99 South Antelope Blvd Exit 649 toward Central Red Bluff/ Chico. Turn right onto CA-36/ CA-99 Antelope Blvd. Stay on CA-36/CA-99 for 2 miles then turn left on CA-36 and follow for 43.4 miles. Then turn left on CA-89 Lassen Peak Hwy. Follow this road into the park and proceed to the Lost Creek Campground. 

Drive Time 5 hours 30 minutes from San Jose.

Thermal Springs

Walking the Walk

We'll be doing a short hike on Friday to the thermal pools followed by a longer hike on Saturday.


Friday Hike Bumpass Hell- Level: 1.5 -Miles:3-Elevation:300

Saturday Hike Lassen Peak- Level 4.5- Miles: 5- Elevation: 2000

Hosts: Martin O. and Frances C. .

Stunning Vista

Know Before You Go


Camping: $10 per person.

Park Entrance fee $10 per vehicle.

Dogs not allowed

Bring plenty of water and sun protection

Amazing Summit
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