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Wild Recovery
San Jose, California
July 12 -15, 2012
Crater Lake
Klamath County, Oregon
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The Place

Crater Lake
July 12- 15, 2012
Summer Retreat
Lost Creek Campground is unlikely to be open.
They are still clearing snow and an unanticipated rock fall.
Please stop at Mazama Village Bulletin Board
on your way in to see where we are!

Lake Reflections

Crater Lake - Like No Place Else on Earth - This is an adventure not to be missed! We are spending an extra day as this is a long distance, there is so much to explore, and you will not want to leave. Crater Lake has inspired people for hundreds of years. No place else on earth combines a deep, pure lake, so blue in color; sheer surrounding cliffs, almost two thousand feet high; two picturesque islands; and a violent volcanic past. It is a place of immeasurable beauty, and an outstanding outdoor laboratory and classroom. Crater Lake National Park protects the deepest lake in the United States. Fed by rain and snow (but no rivers or streams), the lake is considered to be the cleanest large body of water in the world. The water is exceptional for its clarity and intense blue color. The lake rests inside a caldera formed approximately 7700 years ago when a 12,000 foot tall volcano collapsed following a major eruption. The eruptions may have been the largest in North America in the past 640,000 years. Later eruptions formed Wizard Island, a cinder cone near the southwest shore. Today, old growth forests and open meadows blanket the volcano's outer slopes, harboring a variety of plants and animals, including several rare species. The area is central to the cultural traditions of local American Indian tribes and the park provides unique opportunities for public enjoyment and scientific study.


Drive around the Lake - Rim Drive is a 33 mile road that encircles Crater Lake. More than 30 pullouts offer dramatic views of the park's volcanic scenery. Look for the phantom ship, and the many short and spectacular hikes/walks, such as Sun Notch Viewpoint, the Castle Crest Wildflower Garden, Lady of the Woods, and Plankini Falls accessible from this main road or close to the campground. Allow 2 - 4 hours.

Boat around the Lake - Join a park ranger for a 2 hour cruise around Crater Lake. Tickets are available for advance purchase prior to camping:
1-800-774-2728 or Tickets are also available in the park at automated kiosks inside Crater Lake Lodge and the Annie Creek Gift Shop - sold first-come, first-served basis up to two days in advance. Tickets may also be bought on the day of the tour from a ticket booth at the top of Cleetwood Trail.

Visit Wizard Island Up to 96 tickets are available each day if you would like to hike, fish, swim and/or explore. Only 2 tours dock each day - 9:55 AM, and 1:00 PM. You may plan to buy tickets ahead of time for Friday! Wizard Island visitors are dropped off for a 3 hour stay then are picked up by a later boat to complete the tour of the lake. There is a swimming area, and two hiking trails among the things to explore here.

Lake Long Shot

Walking the Walk

Thurs 4:00 PM Pinnacles Trail Hike, 1 mile, 10 feet elevation, level 1 This is an easy hike close to the campground. The trailhead is at the end of Pinnacles Spur Road, 7 miles SE of the Phantom Ship Overlook. The pinnacles are a colorful collection of 100 foot tall spires that are being eroded from the canyon wall. The spires are "fossil fumaroles" each marking a spot where volcanic gas rose up through hot ash deposits cementing the ash into solid rock. This hike intersects with the Pacific Crest Trail.

Fri. 8:30 AM The Watchman Peak Hike, 1.6 miles, 650 elevation, level 2 This is a moderate to strenuous hike. The trailhead is 3.8 miles NW of Rim Village. Parking is at the viewpoint surrounded by wooden fences. This is an ascent to a lookout that provides a panorama of the surrounding area, an overlook of Wizard Island and an historic fire outlook.

Fri. approx. 11:30 AM Cleetwood Trail Hike to the Lake, 2.2 Miles, 700 elevation, level 2.5 This is a strenuous and short hike (1.1 miles each way) with an 11% grade. The trailhead is on the N side of the lake, 11 miles from Rim Village if travelling clockwise. Coming from The Watchman, go NE, away from the campgrounds travelling around 7 miles, which will take about 20 minutes. This is the only way to reach the shore of Crater Lake. Swimming is allowed only at Cleetwood Cove and at Wizard Island (which requires a boat tour.) The shoreline is rocky, there are no beaches.

Sat. 8:00 AM Mount Scott Peak Hike, 5 miles, 1479 elevation, level 3 The trailhead is 14 miles east of park HQ, across from East Rim Drive. This is a gradual ascent of the park's highest peak. There are great views in all directions - the lake, and Klamath Basin in particular. Best in the morning when the light is ideal for lake viewing - hence our early hike!

Wizard Island

Weather permitting, we will be camping at Lost Creek Campground (as long as winter snow has melted) otherwise, we will be staying at Mazama Campground. Either way, we will not be assigned actual sites until we arrive. On your way into the park, stop and look for information on the Bulletin Board at Mazama Village Camping Store as to which campground, and what sites we will be camping at. As always we will have a Hungry Hiker Potluck dinner on Saturday night. If you need more info, please call Mary at 831-431-3491 or Kent 925-212-4972.

Watch Tower


Directions: Take Hwy. 880 North or Hwy. 280 South, to Hwy. 680 North toward Sacramento for 70.9 miles (have cash for tolls), merge onto I-80 East toward Sacramento for 15.2 miles, merge onto I-505 N (exit 56), towards Winters/Redding for 34.3 miles, I-505 becomes I-5 North, continue on 5 for 193.7 miles, take exit 747 towards Hwy 97 Central Weed/Klamath Falls go 0.3 miles, turn Right onto South Weed Blvd/I5 Bus.loop for go 0.3 miles, turn slight Right onto US 97 go 50.4 miles, turn slight Right onto W 4th St/US 97 go 0.1 miles, turn slight Left onto S. Main St/US 97 go 0.3 miles, turn slight Right onto E. 1st St/US 97 go 42.8 miles, turn left onto OR Hwy 62 go 13.7 miles, turn Right to stay on OR-62 go 16 miles, turn Right onto South Entrance Road/Munson Valley Road 0.3 miles, follow signs to Entrance, follow signs to Mazama Campground and stop at the Mazama Village Camper Store and Complex. Look for the Bulletin Board for information on the campground we will be at and what sites. If we are at Mazama Campground, you are there! If we are at Lost Creek Campground another half hour travel time remains: Turn Right onto South Entrance Road/Munson Valley Road go 3.6 miles, turn Right onto Rim Dr. 8.2 miles, Turn Right onto Pinnacles Rd go about 3 miles - look for Campground on Right.

Know Before You Go:

Park entrance fee $10 per car.
Drive Time: About 7 1/2 hours to 8 hours - Camping Fee $20 per person - Children 13 or younger $10 each
Lost Creek Campground will be open! Lost Creek Campground is for tent camping only. There are only 2 vehicles allowed per site, and overflow parking is limited. Carpooling is HIGHLY encouraged. If you have a van or pickup truck and would like to sleep in your vehicle, that is acceptable but not encouraged. Large vehicles are not allowed. The official rule is that vehicles that include their own bathrooms are prohibited from parking there.
The cost for the boat trip to Wizard Island is $39. Please contact Mary to arrange for pre-purchase of your boat trip ticket if desired. All pre-purchase tickets will be non-refundable.
Dogs allowed only per park rules:
- Pets must be on a leash no longer than 6 feet or in a crate.- Pets are allowed on roads, established parking areas, Grayback Road, developed campgrounds, and designated picnic areas.- Pets are not allowed in the backcountry, or on any trail within the park (including hiking trails and designated ski trails and routes) ..- Pets can not be left unattended or tied to an object.- All solid pet excrement must be picked up immediately by the owner or person in control of the pet and disposed of in trash receptacles. Insect repellent is recommended.

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