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Wild Recovery
San Jose, California
November 30, 2013
Coyote Hills Regional Park
Santa Clara County
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Coyote Hills Regional Park
November 30, 2013
10:00 AM

Over Looking the Marsh to the  Grassy Tree Studded Hills

The Place

Coyote Hills Regional Park lies along the north-eastern coast of the San Francisco Bay. The small hills were actually an island at one time and are remnants of the Diablo Foothills.
Through time and human help the marshlands to the east were developed. This area provides an attractive nesting ground for birds of all kinds.
The history of the region is long and varied; from Ohlone settlements, to missile depots, from farmland, to duck hunting lodges, from salt production ponds, to urban runoff treatment.
A visitor's center displays most of the history and it is worth taking a look.

View Across the Bay to Hills

Dogs are allowed in the park; on a leash, but they are not allowed in the marsh. Our hike will take us into both the Main and South Marsh but there are parallel routes that will make it possible for our four legged friends to join us.

Wooden Foot Bridge

Walking the Walk

Our hike will be a combination of flat meandering trails and a small heart pounding climb to let you know that you are alive. However, this will be the easiest hike of the whole year. If you have been waiting for an easy one, this is the hike for you. Our path will include paved “multi use” trails, dirt 'hiker only' trails and wooden marsh boardwalks. Since we have been here before and because the park is not large with many trail options; we will reverse our direction and head clockwise to get a different view. We will start from the Quarry Staging Area along the Bayview Trail and catch the Soaproot Trail on the west side close to the Bay to the Red Hill Trail. We will have the meeting at the top; weather permitting. From there we will descend the hill and head into the Main Marsh. Hopefully, Mother Nature will provide us with some water and the marsh will be teaming with wildlife.

Level 1.5 - Miles 4 - Elevation 500'          Host: Anna J. (406) 806-7675

Canadian Geese on the Bay Surrounded by Tall Reeds


From San Jose: Take Hwy 17/880 North for roughly 20 miles to exit #21 Decoto Rd/Dumbarton Bridge. Turn left to head West on Hwy 84. Take the first exit #37 Newark/Ardenwood Rd. Turn Right onto Ardenwood. Take to Commerce Drive. Take a Left onto Commerce. This turns into Patterson Ranch Road and heads directly into the park. Pay the $5 fee at the entrance and continue on to the Quarry Staging Area. It is the first parking lot on your left.

Travel time from San Jose: 30 Minutes

Hills Meeting the Bay

Know Before You Go:

Parking $5.00

Restrooms at Visitors Center
The park is an open space; meaning there is little cover, and the hike is in late Fall. Remember that Wild Recovery hikes occur in rain or shine. Please bring rain gear and something to sit on; maybe an umbrella. Please note, the park is along the bay and though on the times of my scouting the winds were calm and the temperature mild; it may not be the case on the day of the hike. Plan accordingly and dress in layers.

Wild Recovery Meetings | What to Wear & Bring | Trail Maps/ Park Info | Contact Us
What is Wild Recovery? | NA Online Resources | Business & Documents