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San Jose, California
June 15, 2013
Pulgas Ridge

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June 15, 2013
Pulgas Ridge 
San Mateo County

The Place

        Pulgas Ridge is a 36-acre preserve with six miles of trails offering access to cool canyons and a ridge top with magnificent views toward the bay and surrounding hillsides.

Getting There

        DIRECTIONS:  Pulgas Ridge Open Space Preserve is located in the hills above the towns of San Carlos and Redwood City. From Highway 280, exit Edgewood Road. Travel 0.75 miles northeast on Edgewood Road toward Redwood City. Turn left (north) on Crestview Drive, then immediately turn left on Edmonds Road. Follow Edmonds Road to the preserve entrance on the right


Drive Time: 30 min.- This preserve features an easy-access trail and a dog off-leash area. Visitors may let their dogs roam off-leash in the 17.5 acre area in the center of the preserve.


Walking the Walk

Trail head is on the left side of parking lot, then itís Blue Oak Trail [.4] to Dick Bishop [.7] (At this point thereís an alternate route where dog people can unleash their hounds and rejoin the main route at the intersection of Dick Bishop and Hassler) to Hassler [.2], to Dusky-Footed Woodrat[about 1.0], to the meeting spot under a stand of gnarly old oak trees near the top of the park. Then itís back down the east side of the park on Dusky-Footed Woodrat [about 1.2] to Cordilleras [.5], past the old rehab bldgs. and back to the parking lot.

        This hike has been upgraded by the host to; (Level 2 - Miles: 4 - Elevation - 800' Host: Richard C.  




Parking is free, restrooms in the parking lot


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