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Wild Recovery
San Jose, California
August 07 - 10, 2014
Devil's Postpile / Ansel Adams Wilderness Summer Retreat
Devil's Postpile National Monument
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Devil's Postpile Summer Retreat
August 07 - 10, 2014

Lake Ediza

The Place

Ansel Adams Wilderness encompasses 232,000 spectacular acres of granite peaks, steep-walled gorges and rock outcroppings. Several small glaciers cling to north and northeast facing slopes of the highest peaks. There are also a number of fairly large lakes on the eastern slope of the precipitous Ritter Range. Elevations range from 3,500 feet to 13,157 feet. The area includes approximately 350 miles of trails, including portions of the John Muir and Pacific Crest Trails.


Devils Postpile National Monument protects and preserves the Devils Postpile formation, the 101-foot high Rainbow Falls, and pristine mountain scenery. The formation is a rare sight in the geologic world and ranks as one of the world's finest examples of columnar basalt. Its columns tower 60 feet high and display an unusual symmetry.

Rainbow Falls

Pumice Flat is a group campground located near the San Joaquin River with easy access to trails in the Ansel Adams Wilderness and the Devil's Postpile. We will be at Group Site 2.

San Joaquin River

Walking the Walk

Thursday - Set-up Camp; Relax; Devil's Postpile / Rainbow Falls
Level: 2, Miles: 3.5, Elevation: 380’

Garnet Lake

Friday - Shadow Lake (Level 3, Miles: 8, Elevation: 1,300') or Ediza Lake (Level 4.5, Miles 14, Elevation: 2100')

Minaret Lake

Saturday - Thousand Island Lake (9,833') / Garnet Lake Loop (9,678')
Level: 5, Miles: 15.5, Elevation: 2,200’

Shadow Lake

Sunday - Sotcher Lake (optional)
Level: 1, Miles 2.5, Elevation: negligible

Know Before You Go:

The park is located at approximately 7,600' of elevation, altitute affects everybody differently (regardless of fitness status) and there will be hikes up to 9,800' on the final day. Please keep this in mind and be aware how this altitude may affect you. Temperatures in August typically range from the 40's at night to 70's or 80's during the day with afternoon thunderstorms a possibility. The San Joaquin River which flows near the campground is renowned for trout fishing... don't forget your rod/reel and fishing license!

BEAR COUNTRY: Please note that there are numerous nuisance bears in the area. Please ensure ALL scented items are removed from your vehicle (eg: sun block; toiletries; food; trash; etc...).


There is a mandatory shuttle system in the area. Transportation to trailheads will be via the shuttle system. You are able to drive your vehicle to the campsite to off-load your gear (let them know you have reservations at the campsite) however only 3 vehicles may be parked at the campsite. All other vehicles must be either parked at Mammoth Mountain Village or at a neighboring overnight lot. Please contact Justin to discuss parking your car at the campsite.

For more information on the shuttle service, please refer to the National Park website at "".


From San Jose Take I-680 north to I-580 east. Take I-580 to I-205 towards Manteca. Merge onto SR-120 towards Yosemite and drive through Yosemite National Park to US-395. Take US-395 south towards Mammoth Lakes for 59 miles and turn right on Mammoth Scenic Loop. At the end of the road (~20 miles) turn right onto Minaret Rd. Proceed on Minaret Rd passed Mammoth Mountain Resort and check-in at the ranger kiosk, they will provide you directions to Pumice Flat Campground. Drive time: 6 hours (270 miles) - Park entrance fee: $20 per vehicle or $7 per person shuttle fee (only to enter the park) - Camping $15 per person - Dogs allowed at campsite and day-use areas but must be leashed – Contact Justin N. to RSVP at (805) 338-1349 or

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