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Wild Recovery
San Jose, California
July 21-July 24, 2016
Tuolumne Meadows/Yosemite Retreat
Tuolumne County
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The Place

SPRING RETREAT / Tuolumne Meadows - Yosemite National Park
July 21 - July 24, 2016

Tuolumne Meadows is a gentle, dome-studded sub-alpine meadow section of the Tuolumne River, in the eastern section of Yosemite National Park at an elevation of ~8,600 feet. Tuolumne Meadows has a good view of the Cathedral Range and Unicorn Peak (to the south), Lembert Dome and Mount Dana (to the north). We will be staying in a group campsite in Tuolumne Meadows.

Walking The Walk

Thursday: Set-up camp and relax! Either Lembert Dome (Level 2.5, 2.8 miles, no more than 900 feet of elevation gain, maximum elevation, 9500’ at the top of Lembert Dome) or Tuolumne Meadows (Level 1, 2 miles, no elevation gain).

Friday: Cathedral Lakes (Level 3, 8 miles, 1100 feet of elevation gain, maximum elevation: 9,600’ )

Clouds Rest (Level 4, 14 miles, 1800 feet of elevation gain, maximum elevation: 9,926’)

Host: Justin N.

Field of oaks and fire road

From San Jose: Take I-680 north to I-580 east. Take I-580 to I-205 towards Manteca. Merge onto SR-120 towards Yosemite and drive through Yosemite National Park until you see Tuolumne Meadows on your right. Follow the signs to the Group Camp Site E.. Drive time: 5 hours (~210 miles) - Park entrance fee: $30 per vehicle.

{Picnic bench at view

Know Before You Go:

Please RSVP with Justin N at 805.338.1349 or JustinN@wildrecovery.org. CAMPING FEES: Camping fee is $15 per person. To ensure everyone that wants to go can go, please ensure Justin has received your camping fees by the 1st of July. After this point, you may lose your spot to someone on the waitlist who can provide camping fees. It is your responsibility to ensure Justin has received your camping fees securing your spot by 01 July. ELEVATION: The park is located at approximately 8600’ of elevation. Altitude affects everybody differently (regardless of fitness status) and there will be hikes up to 9900’ on the final day. Please keep this in mind and be aware how this elevation may affect you. Temperatures in late July typically range from the 40s at night to the 70s during the day with afternoon thunderstorms a possibility. TENTS ONLY: Group sites are tent only, no sleeping in vehicle. NO PETS ALLOWED IN GROUP SITES. PLEASE CARPOOL: Only 5 cars allowed to park at the campsite. Other cars must park in another lot. BEAR COUNTRY: Please note that Tuolumne Meadows is notorious for nuisance bears looking for your food. Please ensure ALL scented items are removed from your vehicle (eg: sun block, toiletries, food, etc…). Food lockers are provided at the campsite.