golden falls, big basin

What is Wild Recovery?

Wild Recovery is a Narcotics Anonymous group that is part of the Greater San Jose Area fellowship. We are a group of recovering addicts who meet regularly to share the message of recovery. Instead of meeting in the same room each week, we meet all around the bay area in beautiful settings. We have a different place each time. Many of our sites are annual traditions, such as the Pinnacles. This meeting also sponsors day trips and camping weekends.

What are our meetings like?

Whereas all meetings are special, Wild Recovery has the extra advantage of hiking and having our meeting in the outdoors. This gives the group a chance to exercise, and talk in a more informal setting, before and after the meeting. Some hikes are harder than others. The group works toward coming up with hikes that challenge our more seasoned members, while also having hikes that most people can enjoy. Members agree that the beauty of nature, the opportunities to hike with other recovering addicts, and discovering places of beauty in our own backyard make Wild Recovery a special gift.

Wild Recover hikes are every other Saturday. We visit parks and open space preserves that are County, State, or National. Hikes normally start at 10:00 AM with the Serenity Prayer. Ocassionally we will start a hike earlier due to the length, or degree of diffictulty of the hike. Be sure to check the web site and or flyer for specific start times. We start the hike promply so that there is time at the meeting for everyone to share. The length of time we are on the trail can vary, from 40 minutes to several hours, depending on the venue. Try to choose a hike that matches your abilities. (see below)

Since people hike at different rates, Wild Recovery meetings usually are held near the half-way point of the hike. The meetings follow a Speaker/Discussion format and last from 45 mintues to 2 hours. Many people car pool to the meetings. Please allow extra travel time so that you can have a serene drive and join us in the parking lot or meeting place for fellowhship 15-30 minutes before the hike begins at 10 AM. Please note that in these outdoor meetings, we need to take care that we don't get sunburn or exposed to poison oak.

Wild Recovery sends a representative to Area Service, and is listed in the Greater San Jose Area Narcotics Anonymous meeting guide.
We strive to adhere to the principles and the traditions of Narcotics Anonymous, and to carry a clear NA message. Our website follows the traditions and concepts of service for its guidelines.